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Surfing the Space Coast
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Bob Rohman at PlayalindaThe Space Coast of East Central Florida is a mecca for East Coast Surfing and has produced some of the top surfing talent in the world, including 11 (and counting) time world champion Kelly Slater of Cocoa Beach, and surfing twins C.J. and Damien Hobgood of Satellite Beach. Many sections of the Space Coast Beaches are great for learning the sport, particularly around the Cocoa Beach Area, while others are better left to more experienced surfers such as first peak at Sebastian Inlet and Monster Hole, about 1/4 of a mile offshore of the South Jetty at Sebastian Inlet.

North Area
Playalinda Beach, Canaveral National Seashore.
Playalinda means "pretty beach" in Spanish, and Playalinda Beach east of Titusville lives up to the name. Its part of Canaveral National Seashore's 26 miles of undeveloped beach stretching from New Smryna Beach in the North to the massive Space Shuttle Launch Pads to the South, so when surfing here bring everything you need for the day, there are no shops for drinks, food, etc.
Playalinda is a beach break, sand bottom, with rights and lefts and being North of the actual Cape of Cape Canaveral, the beach faces E-NE so it will go off better on a northerly swell. It is a beach for all experience levels and during the week will be relatively empty and on weekends crowds are usually moderate.
GPS N 28 39.108 W 80 37.793
Magic Seaweed Surf Report
Playalinda Beach Tides
Google Satellite Image
Central Area

Cocoa Beach Pier;    
401 Meade Avenue, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
(1/2 Mile North of 520, off A1A)
Phone: (321) 783-7549
Built in 1962 the Cocoa beach Pier has become a historical landmark in these parts. In addition to the 800 ft fishing pier, there are 5 restaurants, 4 bars, and gift shops.The pier also offers fishing equipment rentals, bait sales, beach rentals, fresh water showers, regulation beach volleyball courts, lifeguards year round. Annual events include beach concerts and surf festivals throughout the year, including the National Kidney Foundation's Pro Am Easter Surfing Festival. The Beach Boys, UB40, Ali Campbell, Julian Marley, Maxi Priest and many others are some of the performers that have played here. Expect to pay for parking nearby.
Easy wave to surf suitable for all levels, beach break with lefts and rights, and a sand bottom. Know that this beach will almost always be pretty crowded. There are several surf schools in the area.
GPS N 28 22.066 W 80 36.121

Cocoa Beach Surf Report
Google Satellite Image


Lori Wilson Park
1500 N Atlantic Avenue, Cocoa Beach
FROM SR-520 go south 1.4 miles on SR-A1A
Open after sunrise until dusk, except for scheduled use.
ADA ACCESSIBLE: Parking, Restrooms, Pavilions, Playground, Boardwalk, 4 Dune Crossovers, Nature Center, Nature Boardwalk, Paved Walkways.
Sandy beach break with lefts and rights, with waves of average power, suitable for all surfers. Starts to go off at just under 3 ft. Can be crowded on weekends.
GPS N 28 20.227 W 80 36.470
Google Satellite Image


13th Street, Cocoa Beach
East end of 13th Street in Cocoa Beach
Sandy beach break with lefts and rights, with waves of average power, suitable for all surfers. Starts to go off at just under 3 ft. Can be crowded on weekends. Best at low tide.
GPS N 28 17.710 W 80 36.468
Google Satellite Image


Tables, Patrick Air Force Base
Patrick Air Force Base South of Cocoa Beach
This will be the first public parking area south of Cocoa Beach on the oceanside of A1A across from the northernmost gate into the secure portion of the base.
This is a sandbar break which peaks nicely during any significant swell. Goes left and right with a sandy bottom and average power waves. Suitable for all surfers, can be crowded on weekends. Best at mid to high tides.
GPS N 28 16.007 W 80 36.304

Patrick Air Force Base Tides
Google Satellite Image

"O" Club Beach, Patrick Air Force Base
This used to be the site of the Patrick Air Force Base Officer's Club until the place caught on fire and burned to the ground, hence the name, "O Club Beach". If you are civilian, park in the southern section of the lot.
This is a sandbar break with a sand bottom, lefts and rights, and average power waves suitable for all levels of surfers. Best at mid to high tides.
N 28 15.443 W 80 36.244
Google Satellite Image
2nd Light, Patrick Air Force Base
Known as Florida's Wave Magnet this is a very consistent beach break, with a sand bottom, rights and lefts and breaks even on small waves when other spots are flat. Good beach for all levels. When a hurricane swell comes in it produces nice barrels which draws some of the best surfers around.
N 28 15.147 W 80 36.203
Google Satellite Image
Hangers, Patrick Air Force Base
When the waves are small, this is a great longboard spot. When a swell comes in, it's best for more experienced surfers. Known to produce some nice barrels. Sandy beach break with some coquina rocks, lefts and rights. Usually less crowded than 2nd Light.
GPS N 28 14.562 W 80 36.105
Google Satellite Image
RC's Satellite Beach
This is a reef break that during a swell can produce fast, powerful, hollow waves suitable for more experienced surfers. Be aware of rip currents during swells, and the coquina rocks that form the reef. One of the better breaks in the Satellite Beach area.
GPS N 28 10.684 W 80 35.389
Magic Seaweed Satellite Beach Surf Report
Google Satellite Image
Peg Legs, Satellite Beach
Located at the ocean end of DeSoto Parkway in Satellite Beach this is a reef break which produces lefts and rights and is suitable for all levels. Can be really nice outside when a swell is on.
N 28 09.886 W 80 35.207
Google Satellite Image

Irene H. Canova Park Indian Harbour Beach
2289 Highway A1A, Indian Harbour Beach
Parks Referendum Project
FROM US Hwy 1 go east 3.3 miles across the Eau Gallie Cswy (SR-518), turn left on SR-A1A and go 0.1 miles to the park.
Park open after 7:00 a.m. until dark.
This is a beach break with rights and lefts, and produces fairly steep walls and hollow waves. The bottom is sand with some coquina rock. This is also a very popular spot so expect some local attitudes. Best for experienced surfers.
GPS N 28 08.322 W 80 34.827
Google Satellite Image

South Area
Indialantic Boardwalk;
Located at the end of State Road 192 or Melbourne Causeway.
This is a sandy beach break with waves of average power, rights and lefts, and suitable for all levels of surfer.
GPS N 28 05.497 W 80 33.949
Google Satellite Image
Ocean Avenue;
Located at the end of Ocean Avenue in Melbourne Beach.
This is a sandbar break with average to good waves during a swell, rights and lefts, and generally suitable for all surfers.
GPS N 28 04.104 W 80 33.407
Melbourne Beach Surf Report
Google Satellite Image
Spessard Holland North Beach, Melbourne Beach
2525 Highway A1A, Melbourne Beach
FROM US-192 (Melbourne Cswy), go south on Miramir Ave/SR-A1A 1.0 miles to the intersection with Ocean Blvd and Oak St. Go left around the curve onto Atlantic Ave and continue 2 miles. The park is on the left.
Open after 7:00 a.m. until dark, except for scheduled use.
ADA ACCESSIBLE: Parking, Restrooms.
This is a fairly consistent sandy beach break with rights and lefts, waves of average power, and generally suitable for surfers of all levels.
GPS N 28 03.291 W 80 33.064
Google Satellite Image
Long Point;
Near the entrance to Longpoint Park about 2 miles north of Sebastian Inlet. Park at the Longpoint Food Mart on the west side of A1A and walk across the highway to the beach. There is a small sand parking area but the sand is fairly soft and it's easy to get a car stuck.
This is a sand bar break with some deep water between the offshore sandbar and the beach. Popular with longboarders, with lefts and rights and some nice hollow waves. Suitable for all surfers.
N 27 52.976 W 80 27.542
Google Satellite Image

Spanish House
Located across A1A from the access road to the Sebastian Inlet Marina, this sandbar break is one of the best spots on the east coast of Florida, and one of the most popular, in spite of the drive, as it is fairly distant from most major cities along the Space Coast. It is a bit off the shore with some deep water between the bar and the shore. During normal conditions it produces consistent waves of average power with lefts and rights and is suitable for all surfers. When it gets big, the waves are fast, powerful, and hollow, and draws surfers from around the state, ie, it gets crowded and is best left to experienced surfers.
GPS N 27 52.570 W 80 27.338
Spanish House Surf Report
Google Satellite Image

Sebastain Inlet State Park, North Jetty
When first peak goes off, this spot produces some of the fastest most powerful waves along the East Coast. It is a jetty break and the energy from the incoming wave bounces off the north jetty and forms a raised peak in the wave just north of the jetty. Obviously the direction is right only. The wave is fast, powerful, and hollow, which is why several tournaments are held here each year. On weekends this spot can be ultra crowded. Best for experienced surfers who can hold their own in the lineup.
GPS N 27 51.733 W 80 26.781
Sebastian Inlet Surf Report
Google Satellite Image
Monster Hole, Sebastian Inlet State Park
Monster hole is a sandbar and reef structure about 1/4 mile off of the tip of the south jetty at Sebastian Inlet, with deep water between the bar and the shore. During the normal relatively flat days of Summer you can't even tell it's there. It takes a swell of about 3-5 feet to set it off. When it does break, it produces fast, powerful, and hollow lefts that peel off for 100 yards or more. The place is also known for sightings of large sharks. Not for beginners. Access is by boat or a long paddle from shore. Some surfers have been known to jump from the north jetty and paddle across the inlet. When surfs not up the place is known as a dive spot.
GPS N 27 51.624 W 80 26.426
Google Satellite Image